4th Graders Meet Bloomberg Bureau- Detroit

When you’re in 4th grade, a team of professional writers will visit you twice a year. During our 3rd and final meet-up, our students travel to their office and experience, “A day in the life of a writer.” 

 Bloomberg Bureau- Detroit  has been a community partner with Neinas for many years.

During their fall visit this year, three wise girls joined their Dad and worked with our 4th graders. One (Mia) is a musician who recently released a Christmas CD, another (Leah) completed National Novel Writing Month  last month, and the youngest (Emma) shared her graphic art skills. The 4th graders requested a copy of her work, and she did not disappoint them.

After an introduction and hearing about some of stories our guest writers and illustrator, Mr. Green, Mr. Naughton, Mr. Butters, and Mr. Dancey have worked on, we learned that some days they work in an office- and others they travel to write. On this particular day, they drove to Neinas to complete a writing lesson with our students. Next, the brainstorming began!

Each writer worked with a small group of students and wrote/illustrated a “How To” lesson.

The “How To” lessons included:

  1. How to Make a Drone
  2. How to Draw Using a Grid
  3. How to Make a Snow Fort
  4. How to Drive a Car
  5. How to Draw a Pegasus Dragon
  6. How to Make S’mores

Three of our groups decided to write about the holiday season. Their work covered the following topics:

  1. How to Build a Gingerbread House
  2. How to Catch Santa
  3. How to Have a Merry Christmas/How to Have an Unmerry Christmas

At the end of the session, there were smiles all around the room!

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 When asked, “What was the best part of working with the Bloomberg writers today?”…

Natalia M. (4th grader) answered, “It was awesome because the girls (Mr. Green’s daughters) got to come and they asked us what we wanted to write about. We got to decide.”

Esteban F. (4th Grader) said, “We couldn’t decide if we wanted to write about a Pegasus or a dragon, so we decided to make a Pegasus mixed with a dragon. My friends had a hard time deciding, so we combined our ideas and everyone was happy.”

Coming soon: Bloomberg in Spring

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