Mrs. Lazarowicz – 2017 LifeChanger of the Year Finalist

In October 2017, we announced that our very own Mrs. Lazarowicz had been nominated as a LifeChanger.  We asked you to cast votes for her and you did, thank you!!

During a surprise assembly Friday, February 24, 2017 we learned that she is a top 5 finalist for the LifeChanger competition. As a finalist, she has been awarded a $2,500 donation for the school. Those funds will be used to fund the empty lot project across the street from the school. Mrs. Lazarowicz had students work in teams to design how they would like to see that space used. Our students built models in small groups demonstrating how to optimize the lot and create an outdoor learning space. Their ideas will help further develop the space this spring.

Congratulations Mrs. Lazarowicz! You are our very own Super Star! We are very proud of and fortunate to have you on our team!






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