Thornton Creek Penpals Visit

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On Friday, March 3, 2017 our 3rd grade students hosted a visit from their pen pals who attend Thornton Creek Elementary. Once students arrived, they divided into three groups, then met with our 3rd graders on the third floor. We used 3 classrooms to accommodate our approximate 80 visitors. The students were joined by their teachers, some parents, and a few of our Bridge Pointe partners.

Once each group settled into a classroom, they began catching up with their Neinas partners. Afterward, each group colored a picture. Those pictures were collected and added to a box for kittens that will be housed at the Michigan Humane Society. The second project each student created was a bookmark.

After having lunch together, all of our 3rd graders met in the auditorium for a presentation by the Michigan Humane Society. We learned that over 400 pets enter animal shelters each day. There was also a slideshow showing some of the pets that have been taken into shelters statewide. Animals can be adopted year round.

We enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to ongoing communication with our partner school.

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