Motor City Lyric Opera “Three Goats Gruff” Performance

What a treat! On Monday, April 10, 2017 Neinas students were treated to a performance from the Motor City Lyric Opera in our gymnasium. The production Three Goats Gruff was about saying “No!” to bullying. We appreciate and enjoyed the performance, immensely! Afterward, students were invited to ask questions and share their thoughts about the opera.

Several 4th grade students reviewed the event. Here is what a few had to say:

Noah T.  “The performance was funny!”

Kaitlyn B. “I thought it was good. They were telling us why you shouldn’t bully. If you bully, you’re going to hurt other people’s feelings. If you hurt other people’s feelings then that’s basically telling them how you want to be treated. You’re supposed to treat someone how you want to be treated.”

Ashley J. “The costumes were funny. The goats looked like they were wearing a white dress. The bully’s costume looked like a bear. It kinda scared me. I think the doll’s little dress was super cute!” 

Kaiden B. “One of the goats in the opera said that dolls have feelings. No… If anybody does say that, they’re crazy.”

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