The Writing Business- 4th Graders Visit Bloomberg Bureau- Detroit

Imagine getting a morning call that says, “There is no school today, our building has no power.” On Friday, May 19, 2017, that’s exactly what happened. But we were warned the day before after losing power about an hour before school ended. The show must go on!

Fortunately, many of the 4th graders who were invited to the Bloomberg Bureau Detroit office were dropped off by their parents on Friday. We boarded a bus and journeyed to our trip!

Twenty-nine students arrived at the writer’s office that morning. We took two elevators up and entered the office. Students were given a Writer’s Notebook and gel pen to document what they learned during our experience. They rotated between a media room, a conference room, and a space where they learned about stocks and saw a few video clips. After touring the office and learning firsthand about a the writing industry, we had a special lunch at the Skyline Club. One of the 4th graders was heard saying, “This is the best tasting all you can eat lunch I’ve had.” After filling our stomachs with lunch and dessert, we headed outside.

The last part of this trip was a private car show. Our hosts write about and test drive a variety of vehicles, so they had a few of them brought to their roof top so we could also check them out.

A great time was had by all! We especially liked seeing our own newspaper in print. Thank you Bloomberg writers for sharing your time and talent with us!

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