Butterfly Release

Did You Know

that our 4th graders have been learning about butterflies this spring? Our elementary science teacher, Mrs. Lazarowicz, started with caterpillars and her students witnessed the metamorphosis of 2 butterflies. The painted lady butterflies were released on Monday June 5, 2017 in our outdoor classroom.

“When we first saw the caterpillars, they were small like the size of your fingernail. Then they got bigger. They were in a small cup that had food in it. After about a week we came back to school after the weekend and one caterpillar was in a cocoon and the other one started making it’s cocoon. We waited maybe a week or two, then they both turned into butterflies. Next, we took them to the outdoor garden and Mrs. Lazarowicz put them on a milkweed plant. It’s important because that’s where they lay their eggs.
We named them Cindy and Michael. I hope they live a long time.”
– Johana E (4th grader)

In case you’ve never seen it happen, here’s a short video of a Monarch butterfly metamorphosis.


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