Kayla’s Reflections -Destination Imagination Global Competition

I remember seeing the photo of Kayla M. when she realized her team was headed to the Destination Imagination Global Competition. It brought me pure joy!

In May, she and her teammates participated in the Destination Imagination Global Finals  and now she’s back. When I asked if I could interview her, she was ready! I asked what her favorite part of the experience was and like her teammate Karla A., she talked about trading pins with students from all over the world.

“My second favorite part was the activities and concerts. There were so many we didn’t get back to our dorm rooms until 10 o’clock some nights.

We met people from all over he world. There were translators with the kids from China. We also had a chance to explain where we are from.”

One of the activities Kayla participated in was being in a hamster ball that is bigger than her. “It was hard flipping through the ball,” she said with a smile. (Image below)

I asked if she had any advice for the students who would be entering 5th grade next fall. They too may be able to participate in this contest on a global level. Her timely words were-

“Have fun and don’t think of it as a competition.”

-Kayla M. (5th grader)

Well done Kayla and Team Neinas. Your future looks bright! #KeepShining





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