The Rodney Whitaker Quintet

The Rodney Whitaker Quintet

On Monday, October 23, 2017 the Rodney Whitaker Quintet visited Neinas to share their gift of music. This is a continuing program thanks to a grant from Jazz at Lincoln Center Young People’s Concert Series. Prof. Rodney Whitaker is the professor for Jazz Studies at Michigan State University and has toured the world with Wynton Marsalis, world-renowned trumpeter.

Johana E. (5th Grader) “It was very enjoyable. There was lots of music. They told us about democracy and why we should vote, then we voted for the best instrument in the band. The bass won.”

Esteban F. (5th Grader) “I liked the saxophone. It sounded really cool and it was loud.”

Dyamond D. (5th Grader) “I liked the drumming it was awesome. I liked the saxophone, too.”



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