Defense Attorney, Rita Young visited our 8th grade students in class.

Her talk with the 8th graders included information about how the juvenile justice system works. They will visit Cass Technical High School on Wednesday to hear from Federal judges in Michigan. We appreciate community partners spending time with our students!

Field Trip Bound

On Wednesday. October 25, 2017, our 8th graders boarded a bus and headed to Cass Tech High School to hear oral arguments being presented to the Michigan Supreme Court. I spoke with Harrison M. and Jose M. about the experience once they returned.

Both boys agreed that through this experience, they learned more about 1) the branches of government 2) How things work in the courtroom and 3) government. They did not realize they would be patted down and walk through metal detectors. They were also surprised no students were allowed to take cell phones into court, but the attorneys had and used them.

Jose: “It took a long time for court to start. We had to wait forever for everyone to get there. We just sat and waited. Judge Bernstein (from the Bernstein family) was the judge for the case. It surprised me when someone said he was blind, but he answered back “Yes, even a blind man can see through this case.”

Harrison: “When court finally started we had to stand. The judge said, ‘Court is in session’ and he hit the gable.The case we saw had been dismissed by a lower court. We were there to listen to arguments to find out if the Michigan Supreme Court would reverse the lower courts decision and hear the case.”

In the case they were hearing, someone was robbed and then shot. The evidence was not strong enough for a definite decision. It’s important that every detail be looked at and considered because the judges decision can change someone’s life, forever. When our students left, a final decision had not been made. That decision will be made in the near future.

One of the judges that appeared at Cass Tech (image from a Google search)

One of the judges that appeared at Cass Tech (image from a Google search)

One of the judges that appeared at Cass Tech (image from a Google search)

In my opinion

Harrison: I think they shouldn’t arrest him. I don’t think he did the crime. There isn’t enough evidence to show that he did it at all.

Jose: It’s not fair to the guy they’re accusing. He shouldn’t be arrested.

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