Bloomberg Writers & 5th Graders Reunite- Fall 2017

Table discussion

We brainstorm before writing our drafts.

Illustrator’s Table

Sharing ideas is important while making decisions about illustrations.

Collaboration is key to the magazine writing process.

Getting started…

We’re talking about cars here!

You can grow up and become an illustrator if you work hard enough.

Smiles all around

Write away!

Listen and learn

Let’s get down to business

December always reminds us that the calendar year is almost over. At Neinas, it’s a time that we look forward to seeing our guest writers from the Bloomberg Bureau- Detroit.

This year we were joined by several writers, an illustrator, and two high school students. They stepped into Ms. Lipscomb’s ELA classroom and didn’t miss a beat. The current 5th graders were already familiar with the team and were excited to continue the writing process with the team.

We learned that several of our guests knew in elementary school that they wanted to grow up and write for a living. It’s something they’ve always loved to do. 

Several students from Homeroom 310 had begun writing a series magazines, using both their classmates and Shrek as a theme. When our guests heard about, then read one edition we decided to have the 5th graders expand on that idea.

Topics were discussed and decided and our process began. When the writer’s return in 2018, we will review and revise that work.

“I like the activities they [Bloomberg writers] do with us. For example, we drew cars for an article we’re writing. I like to draw because it gives me something to do when I’m bored. I like to draw and write, but I like to draw more. When I grow up, I want to be a race car driver. Some of the Bloomberg writers write about cars.” -Nickolas Reyes


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